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Our Story

Good Day, I'm Brenda

My partner, Anne, and I opened the Love City Café in Coral Bay on the US Virgin Island of St. John in February of 2021.  We used to clean villas together and we would dream out loud to one another.  She used to tell me how she would love to have a little shop where she could bake and sell her homemade baked goods.  And I would tell her how I dreamed of having my own café with specialty coffee drinks and made from scratch (with LOVE!) breakfast treats.  

Overhead for anything on St. John is extremely high.  So, we thought we would always just be dreaming...Until a container and plot of land on a somewhat busy road in an otherwise sleepy Coral Bay came available.  And I thought, "Yes, this will work!"

Now, less than two years later, with lots of hard work behind us and more in front of us, we are successfully running the Love City Café on our island home.  Some days are busier than others.  But everyday, we get to make at least one person happy from the inside out.

I do hope that you will come visit us soon.  If you live in our community, I hope you will make the Love City Cafe a part of your weekly routine.  If you are a guest, I hope that we can help make your vacations memorable for years to come! 


Building Our Dreams


One Step at a Time


To Turn Them Into Reality

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Villa Provisioning

Arrange for your food and beverages to be anxiously awaiting your arrival in Love City with our grocery shopping and villa  provisioning services.  We do the legwork so you can kick back and RELAX!


Lunch & Breakfast Picnic Baskets

A beach, boat or hike ready breakfast or lunch will make your day in the salt and sand a breeze!  Order a day in advance and pick up your basket of goodies the morning of your adventure.  

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